Performer & Theatre-Maker

Rehearsal Week 3: Day 1

This week we are rehearsing at Jerwood Space, where the lift is voiced by Patrick Stewart and Lion King rehearsals are in the studio next door.

The previous week of rehearsals were very much about asking questions, picking things apart, imagining what we want the show to look and sound and feel like and thinking out loud about what it might say to an audience. This week looks like it will be about doing, and trying.

Daisy and I played with some new bits of text today, transcripts of therapy sessions, tried out a potential beginning and experimented putting bits of text together and pulling them apart again.

Rehearsal Week 2: Day 3 & 4

The last two days have been spent talking (a lot), listening to things and writing stuff down. It’s feel a bit like zooming in and out of a big blur of words and images. Here are some things I’ve written down over the last couple of days:

Tapes: not made for listening
Quiet space (for me and audience)
Not necessarily serious
The space?!
Various voices
Lowry - Lying down on a wall
Audience and therapist
OCD bully
Big questions
Rhythm “I’m not going to get dizzy”
Home is the only place where it is ok to not be ok

Rehearsal Week 2: Day 2

Timelines, dates, days, hours, minutes, calculations, jargon, descriptions of therapists, memories of rooms, snakes and ladders, whiteboards and just a general wondering of how it all might come together.

"I don’t do any of these things anymore
Do people want to know why I don’t do any of these things anymore?
Do I know why? Do I understand why?

I have an awareness I didn’t have before
I can stop myself
The urge might still be there
Bad thoughts come in to my head
But for the most part I know how to manage it, keep it at bay

But, what am I left with?”